Logos & Branding

Logos are important but so is branding. Most businesses require a logo to get things started, but depending on your business size and goals, you may need some additional branding as well. Feel free to visit my portfolio for more logo work examples for view some common questions included below.

What Is the difference between logos & branding?

A logo is a single image, shape or title of your business that will represent you. Branding is a whole encompassing experience that your customer has with your business. A brand helps define you further, and helps reinforce the image or message you're trying to achieve by including additional elements that are cohesive and supporting. Need more? Check out this great piece by Go Media, Here.

How much do logos or branding cost?

The cost of a logo or branding package depends on the needs of the client. Every project is unique as every individual has different needs. For Example, someone starting an Instagram side-business knitting hats may not need as much in-depth design or branding as a small business opening up in a downtown area. The cost usually depends on a mix of scope and value. If you're curious how much your project may cost or you have a budget, feel free to contact me and we can discuss.

What if I already have a logo? Can you trace it?

I definitely do brand refreshing. If you have a logo but just want it updated, that would follow the same process as a regular logo. If you have a logo idea ready to go, I can still help you through the rest of the process. I've also helped clients who have lost their digital files and need a vector tracing of their existing logo.

What you get

Depending on the client each project can require different deliverables. Mostly as a standard I include a vector file of the logo, jpeg, and png. Larger projects may include a brand style guide, and alternate layouts of your logo plus supporting marks and designs required.

What is the Process?

Please view the Design Process section on the Services page. Feel free to ask for more information.