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ON After School offers training and resources designed to enhance quality in after school programs for children and youth in Ontario. Ontario After School was a non-profit organization operating under the Canadian Active After School Partnership umbrella and was also a project supported by Leisure Information Network and The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association. The goal of the CAASP initiative is to increase physical activity levels and healthy eating practices of Canada's children and youth by enhancing the delivery of information through activity and interaction.

Modern, visually bright, energetic and having a fun feel were target points for this logo. The style is bold, with rounded corners to maintain a professional but slightly childish feel. The green and yellow colour palette is bright and shows positive healthy energy. Darker variations of the colours were also used in a previous program and were brought forward for consistency.

On After School Logo
On After School Logo Explaination
On After School French Logo Apres l'ecole Ontario
On After School Buttons & Alternate Logos
Canada Active After School Website Design and layout
Alberta Active After School Logo Designn
Active After School Conference Recipe Card Handout
Leisure Information Network Printed Annual Report Layout

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