Ridgeway's Hard Cider

Logo Design & Branding

Ridgeway's is a family owned orchard and berry farm located at the base of a small mountain in British Columbia, Canada. The orchard has been in the family for over 200 years and has just recently decided to get into the hard cider market. The family believes that the glacial run off from the mountains into their orchards help produce a crisp and fresh taste that is important to their business. They import any citrus from an ethical farmer in California who is also aligned with sustainability and preserving the environment.

The Ridgeway family wanted the brand to show the strength and boldness of the mountains that surrounds their orchards without illustrating or showing the mountains themselves. We also wanted to show the rough, hard-working family, hand-made side of the business. The target would be something 'non-hipster' with a modern touch that could still show their personal, family side of the business. The idea was to also use colour on the cans to stand out on the shelves.

Ridgeways Logo Word Mark
Ridgeways logo explaination
Ridgeways Colour Palette
Ridgeways Can Mock up and Package Design
The Ridgeway's mark is adaptable and responsive. With a small adjustment of the centre line, it translates well to stitching on apparel and even to stencils for barrels for shipping and storing product.
Ridgeways Hat Logo Design ApparelRidgeways Logo Stencil Barrel Design
Ridgeways Button Design Logo IconRidgeways Trendy Logo Icon Badges

Two smaller marks involving the R and W from the Ridgeway's main logo mark. Its important to have a fliexible, adjustable logo for multi-purpose materials when creating a logo that will be used in many instances. The example above can be used as a stamp, as a leather logo badge, or as an additional branding option.

Additionally, while it's important to maintain a strong singular logo to solidify your brand, it's also an option to follow trends and adapt the main logo for singular marketing uses such as t-shirts or stickers. See the two adaptations of a trendy logo badge, and a metal label with rivets.

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