Huron County Wine Tasting

Logo Design & Illustration

Huron County Wine Tasting is a small business that is ran by two wine enthusiasts. They have multiple events and offers such as evening meals with 4-5 tastings of wine from the surrounding regions, classes in which you can learn to identify and be come more of a connoisseur.

This is a personal project of mine in which I decided to challenge myself in making a logo with a local landmark, and a hidden image such as the wine glass. Part of the challenge was also to try my hand at an etching style of illustration that showed some age and class.

Wine Glass Design Painted Logo
Huron County Wine Tasting Logo Explanation
Alternate Logo Red on White
Alternate Logo Wine and Cream
Alternate Logo Navy and Cream
Illustration of Lighthouse
Goderich Lighthouse from
Horizontal Layout of Huron County Wine Tasting Logo

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